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About Kwezal

Kwezal flew in March 2018 on the initiative of ambitious and enthusiastic young people with artistic souls. We mainly create technological solutions in a broad sense but we specialize in mobile applications and games designing and microcontrollers programming. We work wholeheartedly with all of our projects and we want it not only to be proof of our skills but also a form of art which we would proudly put our name to. Our name comes from Polish word which can be simply translated into: "Quetzal". But what or who is quetzal? Resplendent quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful birds in the world, and the Aztecs agreed with us, as "quetzalli" means "beautiful" or "precious". In ancient times he was worshiped by Aztecs and Mayans, and therefore, there was a death penalty for killing one of them. Quetzalcoatl, one of their most important deities has, in fact quetzal feathers. According to superstitions, the heart of this bird ceased to beat when he was in captivity for a long time.

Our projects


Expand, test, share your knowledge

Quiz game for Android platform. Test your knowledge by solving various quizzes yourself or with others! 3 different game modes, the ability to create your own quizzes and customization options will let you have fun the way you want! Moreover, the application contains 64 achievements connected to your Google Play Games Services account.

Our team

Mastermind IT student; He programs since he remembers and his memory is not the worst; Functions at a high level of abstraction; Ends every sentence with a semicolon; Does not drink coffee before midnight; Workaholic who is at odds with Hypnos; Writer, poet and composer after work;